PRIME Adult All Breed | Whole Grain Chicken

Dehydrated Dog Food

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This is not your ordinary dog food.

We do not produce commercial feed-grade dog food.

We don’t make unfounded claims and not back up with transparency.

We scour local produce farmers far and wide and buy bulk from them so we can stretch out our overheads, but even then we still end up with higher cost.

So how can a feed-grade dog food manufacturer claims they’re of high quality, when we are well-awere of the true cost of an average, human-edible food ingredients?

The only logical conclusion is that they are using inferior ingredients because they are way, way more cheaper than real food ingredients, plain and simple!

Furthermore, their claims of sourcing meat from New Zealand or Japan lack any substantiated evidence.

And to top it all, they outsource their processing in China – the very country where 99% of popular brands today are using and are notorious for numerous dog food recalls.

If not in China, then they still outsource them to a manufacturing facility where everything is chemically processed and not safe for human consumption (remember the note: “for Veterinary use only”?).

This dog food that we created was born out of frustration. During the pandemic, we are not able to find a reliable source of our quality dog food, which then lead us to a series of researching and uncovering the truths behind the dog food industry.

The more we know about the truth, the more we became disgusted on the foods that we are feeding them.

Feeding your dog with commercial dog food is like feeding them straight from canned good and potato chips – you absolutely don’t give you anything out from it.

While it may be true, that you somehow saw how they bulk up on those dog foods, but then again just take a look at a lot of people who keep feeding themselves with fast foods and canned goods every single meal.

They look big, but they aren’t healthy. Bulky is not healthy.

Meanwhile, dogs that are outliving 2 to 3 times of their average lifespan, have been eating human-grade food.

This is what we aim for your dogs. Our dog food has nothing in it that humans cannot eat, and there are no human ingredient added that are bad for your dogs.

Simply put, this is nothing but a homemade meal recipe (that we are using on our own dogs too!) just dehydrated so you can have the ease of convenience of a commercial dog food. You don’t need to cook and you don’t need worry if your homecook meal is balanced or not

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What Sets Us Apart

At the heart of our philosophy lies the belief that exceptional foods are crafted from the finest ingredients. This is why we exclusively opt for proper food and carefully chosen ingredients that you’d easily spot in your own kitchen.

Our selection process starts from working with local individuals and reliable suppliers who align with our unwavering standards and stringent criteria. This sets us apart from commercially-produced products, and we’re excited for you to witness the difference it creates for your pets.


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